frequently asked questions

what if i don't want to know the gender?

no problem! i won't tell you unless you ask! before we begin your gender reveal session i will ask you if you want to know the gender during your ultrasound, are saving it for later, or don't want to know at all.
if you are saving the gender for a gender reveal party, we will still look at your baby from the chest up. at the end i will turn off the tv and image the gender. i will put the gender in an envelope for you or your secret keeper, if they are present. the gender images will be labeled boy or girl in your online album, so i suggest waiting until after you've found out the gender to view it. the album link is emailed to you before your session. you can also share the link with the person keeping your gender and then delete the email from me.
if you are waiting until delivery to find out - my lips are sealed. i can still get you excellent 3d/4d images of your baby's face and pique your curiosity even more as you wait for baby's arrival!

what's the difference between 2d, 3d and 4d ultrasound imaging?

2d is a two-dimensional image or black and white ultrasound image of your baby. 3d is a three-dimensional image of your baby acquired using ultrasound (sonography) instead of light (photography). 4d is four-dimensional imaging which is fancy way of saying a video in 3d or 3d in motion.
you may see some elective ultrasound studios misusing the term 5d when talking about HD which is a misnomer. 5d has to do with a different method of acquiring anatomical measurements of your baby using 3d technology. HD is the correct terminology for 3d technology that gives baby pink, fleshy, more life-like skin tones.

how can i achieve the best possible images during my 3d ultrasound session?

#1: hydrate! drink at least 7 16oz bottles of water for 7 days prior to and of your ultrasound session. the more amniotic fluid around baby's face - the better the images!

#2: eat! if you don't have time for a full meal or it isn't meal time before your ultrasound session at least have a small snack beforehand. if baby isn't in the best position it will be easiest to get them to move if they are alert and not sluggish.

do you offer late or weekend ultrasound appointments?

yes, i offer daily appointments including evenings and weekends! i understand how hard it is for you to take time off of work and even harder to get your significant other to take off of work to join you - he's working hard to make sure baby has all that baby needs.
i offer convenient evening ultrasound sessions from 4 pm to 7:30 pm on Mondays and weekday sessions from 9:15 am to 1:45 pm Tue, Wed, Thurs & Fri and weekend sessions from 10 am to 2:30 pm on Saturdays and 1 to 5 pm on Sundays. do not hesitate to contact me if those times do not work for you and your family.

can children come to my ultrasound and how many guests can i invite?

children are welcome and encouraged to attend! invite as many guests as you'd like!
ask your guests to arrive promptly just before your appointment time so as not to miss out!

*since covid i have a limit of 48 (forty-eight) guests that you can bring with you not including yourself. this is to adhere to the current guidelines for indoor gatherings.
however, i have seating for up to 10 and standing room. children are still welcome.

what is included with my ultrasound session?

each package includes an online, shareable album of images & videos accessible via a link sent by text or email allowing for instant downloading of images to your phone or device for immediate sharing to relatives or social media. the album never expires and we can add to it if you come for more than one session!
4 x 6 prints are also available for purchase.

what other services or products do you offer?

confetti & powder cannons, smoke bombs, my baby's heartbeat bears, baby onesies, shoes & blankets and maternity wear.
4 x 6 prints are also available for purchase.

what forms of payment do you accept and what is your cancellation policy?

ultrasound sessions are prepaid in full online. I do offer a refund with 24 hrs cancellation notice. in the studio I accept cards or cash.
if you want to prepay in cash you can arrange to meet me since I am open by appointment only. to save yourself a drive to see me you may also purchase a prepaid visa gift card and register it to your name, email and address online and then use that to check out.

at how many weeks can you tell me the gender?

you can come see me as early as 13 weeks for gender determination.

do you offer discounts for return sessions?

absolutely! after your first visit with me you will find your return client coupon codes in your ultrasound album! the codes will give you $10 off future ulrasounds and $25 off the 40 min HD 3D 4D session. return client coupons are for returning clients only.
i also have a referral program to get you further discounts on the 40 min HD 3D 4D session! if you refer a friend, tell them they must submit your name into the referral box at checkout when they book any ultrasound with me. (multiple people cannot receive a discount for referring the same person, so your friend should only submit your name.)
when you are ready to book the HD 3D 4D, email me with the name(s) of friend(s) you have referred. i will check their reservation forms and email you your referral discount code! you could get your 40 min HD 3D 4D session free!

what if my baby doesn't cooperate?

i offer free rescans for uncooperative babies for gender or hd 3d 4d 40 min sessions. the 24 - 27 weeks hd 3d 4d does not include a rescan.
please do not schedule your gender reveal session before 13 weeks. if there was any discrepancy at all between your due date by your LMP and ultrasound dating please use your ultrasound measurement from your dating scan with your doctor/midwife to schedule. most ob doctors will use your due date by your LMP even if the ultrasound measurement was up to a week off.
i ask that you please drink at least 7 bottles of water a day for a week before your 3d appointment to ensure that the best possible images are obtained.

what are your restrictions since covid?

right now you may bring 48 guests with you to your appointment not including yourself so that we can keep the indoor gathering to 50 or less. this is to adhere to the current guidelines for indoor gatherings.

however, I have seating for up to 10 and also standing room. children are still welcome and encouraged to attend. I am not requiring the use of masks but you will see me wearing one. each group may do what makes them comfortable. the door is locked between groups and you must wait for the previous group to leave before entering with your group.

still have a question?
contact me.

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